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Impact measurement tools: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly


When you go away how do you decide where to stay? Do you go with the cheapest option or look at how many stars a hotel has got? Do you just stay in the same place every time or insist on somewhere new? Do you rely on tips from family and friends, look at the average ratings on TripAdvisor or delve a little deeper and read the comments? No doubt it’s generally a mixture but something more than the blurb from the hotel or holiday company is needed to seal the deal.

Funnily enough, you tell us that there’s actually little difference when you are making decisions about which tools and systems you use to measure and improve your impact. That’s why we are keen to crowdsource organisations’ experiences so we can share them and allow others to find the stories that resonate with them.

If you have used any of the tools listed on our Impact Hub (or others like them that aren’t listed) we’d love it if you could take a few minutes to provide some quick feedback so we can let people know (anonymously if you prefer) what they’re really like, good, bad or ugly. You can access the survey from this link. Thank you.