Staff Profile

Brigid Bell


Brigid’s background is in ecology and the environment, with a focus on coastal systems. She studied Marine Biology and Ecology as an undergraduate and completed her Masters in 2017 on the conflict between coastal developments and seabird behaviour, while living in a remote field station. Alongside her studies, Brigid was involved in citizen science projects centred on biological recording and conservation and this sparked her interest in engaging communities to contribute to scientific research.

Brigid brings key skills in quantitative data collection, analysis and reporting, in addition to knowledge of the changes in the marine environment and the ways such changes can be managed.

Why Brigid works at Substance

After finishing my master’s, I wanted to remain in research, but in a non-academic environment. I was also drawn to the qualitative side of research undertaken at Substance, as my background is primarily quantitative, and I was interested in learning new methods. Since starting my role at Substance, I have been fortunate to work on a variety of projects – I look forward to seeing where the role takes me!

Outside of work I enjoy getting out of the city for some fresh air in North Wales or the Peak District, and I am a member of the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Choir.