Staff Profile

Paula Banks

Junior Developer

Paula studied and worked in Biosciences, both academic and industrial, before joining the Software Development community. She also lived in multiple places around the world before making Manchester her home. She decided to switch her career in early 2018, when she embarked on a journey to learn web development. After initial self-taught period, she joined Sky’s Get into Tech Programme at the beginning of 2019. Shortly after, she joined the Substance family. Lacking yet the commercial experience, Paula proved to be hard working and enthusiastic, facing new challenges heads on. In addition, her constant smile and optimism bring positive energy into the office. In her free time, Paula loves travelling, hiking, cooking and RPG games. Every so often she brings some homemade cookies or rolls to the office. She is also considering picking up Japanese.

Why Paula works at Substance

I became drawn to research because of the creativity involved in solving scientific problems and opportunity to work with inspiring people in an interdisciplinary environment. Substance has the all of that, by combining the academic research and technical creativity with a real impact to the world. From the very first day I joined Substance I feel welcomed and valued, and I am excited about any new challenges to come!’
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