Staff Profile

Peter Bain

Senior Developer

Peter started working at Substance in 2008 on placement from university and continued to do so, even when returning to his studies after the placement year. Graduating from university with a 1st Class Honours in Computer Science, Peter took on a permanent position at Substance working firstly on SPRS and then later, its transition to VIEWS. Peter continues to develop and maintain VIEWS, implementing numerous key aspects as the system advances. In addition to this work, Peter is involved in multiple research-focused technology projects. He has created websites for Sea Angling, used to collect information from thousands of members and is responsible for the seamless design and delivery of Inspiring Impact’s member’s portal. Most recently, Peter was involved in a research project commissioned by CEFAS where he successfully took on the pivotal task of developing their survey data collection tool. Peter is now the senior technical developer and owing to his wealth of experience and knowledge, is heavily involved in the planning and development of a new Views tool.

Why Peter works at Substance

After completing my placement year, I stayed to work at Substance whilst I was still at university. I wanted to gain even more experience and also, I just really enjoyed working there. I got to know my colleagues well and liked that I could work alongside people with the same interests. Working on projects and software that have positive benefits on social matters is really satisfying. I enjoy a constant challenge and learning new things, both of which I’m able to do here.