Staff Profile

Samantha Hook


Samantha started working for Substance as a Research Associate in 2017 while studying for her PhD in shark, ray and skate conservation. From June 2019, Samantha joined Substance as a full time Researcher, working on the marine related projects such as the Sea Angling Diary, the Marine Management Organisation (MMO) Sea Angler Mapping Project and the RNLI Station Polling Project. Her extensive background in conservation biology (BSc Hons) and Master of Science by Research has provided Samantha with a passion and ability to conduct research for the development or implementation in conservation management. Previously, Samantha has been awarded funding, such as grants from NERC, Sea Life Merlin Entertainments and the HEO, to conduct research in marine related topics for the management of shark and skate species. She has also received commendation from Prince William as part of the Duke of Cambridge British Sub Aqua Club Awards for her research in the endangered undulate ray. Outside of Substance, Samantha is a scuba diving instructor for her University diving society and a keen competitive swimmer.

Why Samantha works at Substance

For the duration of my postgraduate education and working history, I have delivered research for the application of conservation management. My career with Substance is a fantastic opportunity to continue in research and work with the end users as part of a team, outside of academia. When I am not working, I am a passionate scuba diver with a love for UK wrecks- the rustier the better!