Staff Profile

Sergejs Svoboda

Junior Developer

With no formal education, Serge embraced the love for computing and self-taught development intricacies. Since putting his hands on first ever computer at the tender age of eight, Serge never stopped learning and practicing all the finest and newest techniques that IT has to offer. Serge has been a part of several successful IT start-ups, one of which was bought by mighty Google (GSuite, formerly known as Synergyse). Fueled by perfectionism of youth and driven by desire to do good, not satisfied by being merely efficient, but wishing to be helpful too, Serge had left his freelancing career and joined the Substance family. During out of office hours, Serge can be found by a stove perfecting pizza making skills or around cats.

Why Sergejs works for Substance

Although I am 100% a technical person, working for several years in marketing and e-commerce web development made me realize that the context of my work and the impact it has also matters much to me. Thus, I actively pursued a search for a company that will not only provide challenging tasks, but also offer a moral satisfaction of doing socially important work. This is who I am – Open Source, low carbon, no-nonsense guy who does his bit by recycling and regularly donating blood (apart from other things) and I am truly happy to finally be a part of a team with same goals and values, doing job that adds to my karma and fits my system of values.