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Ready Steady Active

Ready Steady Active - winner of Added Social Value Award


Substance was delighted to sponsor the Sport and Recreation Added Social Value Award this year. This award was of interest to us as it is given to an organisation that not only brings local communities together and supports participants to develop life and leadership skills but crucially is able to demonstrate the impact of their work.

From a shortlist of six organisations from all corners of the UK, including the Belfast Community Sports Development Network, Fyrish Gymnastics Club on the north-west coast Scotland and the Inter Madrassah organisation in Blackburn, the judging panel eventually chose Ready Steady Active from west Yorkshire as the winner.

Ready Steady Active is an organisation that has responded particularly to the need of young girls and women from Muslim and South East Asian communities, who often face a significant number of barriers, to getting involved in sport and physical activity. It was evident that their activity programmes were having a positive impact on communities in Batley and Dewsbury, including through mentoring programmes and their focus on home schooled young people and their routes into employment.

Although Ready Steady Active are a relatively new organisation they demonstrated that they are well lead by ‘Community Champion’ Rashida Salloo, have a great understanding of their communities and a desire to build partnerships and grow their services.

They will be using their prize money to increase opportunities for more people to participate in their activity programmes and train more volunteers so they can continue to bring people together from different backgrounds and improve their lives. Watch

Congratulations to Ready Steady Active and the organisations who made the shortlist. We wish them well for the future.