We are data experts

We give organisations the frameworks, tools and insights they need to better understand and increase the impact of their work.

We do this by conducting research and creating new technologies that give organisations a better picture of their work. This could be through an online platform, a research project or a social audit.

We work collaboratively and imaginatively to create products and services that are right for each organisation and the people that work there.

Research and Consultancy

Research is where we started and it’s where we continue to lead. We work with organisations to understand their specific research needs or to help define them. We then shape the research project and put the right team and methodology in place.

Our approach is individual – each research project is unique and we take the time to build great relationships with the people delivering the work. It’s this that makes for a richer research experience, improved knowledge and insights that can be easily translated into actions.

Social Impact and Value

Sometimes the impact of great organisations goes unnoticed.

We can address that through application of our suite of social impact and valuing approaches, based on established social valuing methods and our own technologies, to prepare bespoke assessments and engaging visualisations.

We start by building a detailed understanding of the difference your organisation is trying to make before identifying the most appropriate, robust and credible measures to convert that ambition into a compelling narrative and sharable sets of impact data. We’ll help you tell your story.

Technical and Development

Insight shouldn’t be exclusive. We create new technologies that mean anyone can access the benefits of better information and insight every day. Our technology products, including Views, are created by experts but you don’t need to be one to use them.

They are simple but smart – and help organisations think smarter about the work they’re doing.

Programme Management

We understand the complexities and pressures of running national funding programmes.

We want to use our expertise and track record to help partners with designing and implementing effective programmes that deliver social impact.

From running a large-scale social investment partnership to advising on monitoring and evaluation frameworks, let us help you.


We built Views to help charities, non-profits and social purpose companies organise and analyse data in a single platform.

Built with everyone from front-line staff to CEOs in mind, it’s simple enough to update session registers on the go and smart enough to generate real-time reporting at the click of a button.

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