Substance’s technical team supports other colleagues across the business and external companies to manage, store and analyse data through a range of innovative software applications.

The team has developed a wide range of tools and processes to collect and analyse data, focusing on security and ease of use in all its work.

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Our technical team specialises in Data Analysis, API Integrations, Geo Mapping and Spatial Analytics, and Big Data.

In addition to our bespoke client solutions, we offer a variety of pre-built products that support client data collection and reporting, Social Return On Investment calculations and the integration of medical referral systems.

We can also help on a consultation basis to advise on the most efficient ways to integrate and transfer high volumes of data.

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Our team is able to assist our clients with integrating their existing systems with Views and other systems via API endpoints. We can also help on a consultation basis to advise on the most efficient ways to integrate and transfer high volumes of data.

We have a highly skilled team of front-end and back-end developers that deliver and support our solutions.

Substance’s technical team supports both the company’s researchers and external clients to analyse and build statistical models to gain insights into important data sets. The team is highly experienced in:

  • Designing and implementing highly efficient data structures
  • Utilising existing frameworks and bespoke code to query data
  • Visualising data analysis results in a range of formats

Substance has conducted this work for clients including Sport England, Sported and GM Moving.

Substance’s technical team has worked alongside the company’s Reseach and Social Value teams to build a range of social value and impact measurement tools. These have been built for external clients to analyse data sets and requirements that are unique to them, and also to support Substance’s own methods of social value and impact assessment. The team is expert in taking complex data models, outcome measurement and valuing designs and turning these into user friendly and scalable software applications.

Substance has conducted this work for a range of clients including the English Football League, UEFA, the Irish Rugby Football Union and Badminton Europe.

The technical team is highly experienced in geographically mapping and spatially analyising large-scale data sets. This work is done to support many of Substance’s research and evaluation projects, and frequently results in the building of mapping applications that are embedded in data dashboards and other types of software and reports.

Substance has conducted this work for a range of clients including the RNLI, Cefas, Sport England and Manchester United Foundation.

Welcome to Views! A smart, intuitive platform which makes managing data and measuring impact easy.

We built Views to help charities, non-profits and social purpose companies organise and analyse data in a single platform.

Built with everyone from front-line staff to CEOs in mind, it’s simple enough to update session registers on the go and smart enough to generate real-time reporting at the click of a button.

Views is proudly used by:

We have a highly skilled and diverse team of passionate developers that care about data and user experience.


Full-Stack Development


Database Management, Data Analytics and Visualization


Cybersecurity and Web Security

Technical and Development Case Studies

The Views, Technical and Development Teams

We have nearly 75 years of combined experience in application development and data collection.

We are experienced in delivering solutions that provide qualitative and quantitative visualisations of client data.

Andy Christian
Andy ChristianHead of Views

Since the introduction of Views in 2011, Andy has travelled the length of the UK to provide training and consultancy to users of the system, working alongside hundreds of organisations and thousands of individual system users.
Andy’s current role involves managing key aspects of Views, including client relationships and system support.

Why Andy works at Substance

“I work for Substance because I enjoy supporting a wide-range of people and organisations from varied backgrounds and sectors.  As the needs of our clients are so diverse, each day is different and involves a variety of different challenges.  Working with clients in the voluntary and community sectors is particularly rewarding, as these organisations are often making a crucial difference in people’s lives. Outside of work, I enjoy music, reading and travelling”.

Charlie Turton
Charlie TurtonViews Executive

She is our Views Support Administrator; and a real people person, thoroughly enjoying assisting clients and providing support to others.

Why Charlie works for Substance

“The role at Substance enables me to support a wide-range of people and organisations from varied backgrounds and sectors to do what they do better. No day is ever the same!”.

Matthew Croston
Matthew CrostonSenior Views Consultant

What’s more, Matthew’s knowledge and passion for IT & software development has allow him to become a key liaison to Substances in house tech team. Creating a direct link between the creators and consumers of Substance systems.

Most recently, Matthew has taken over the role of lead training provider for the Views system. A role which has allowed him to travel the country utilizing his knowledge of the system and knack for developing client relations to deliver a great experience for all.

In his free time, Matthew writes, reads and listens to music. He enjoys going to music concerts and festivals as well as playing football and gardening.

Why Matthew works at Substance?

“Having been hired by Substance as an apprentice, I was keen to progress my career here. Substance has let me develop my customer service skills further and I am now delivering training to our clients. Being an avid Manchester United fan, I enjoy the interest and passion shown by my colleagues towards sport, particularly football. My role as a customer support member for Views is extremely rewarding, I get to help charities that have an impact on our way of life.”

Francesca Ayrey
Francesca AyreyViews Sales Coordinator

Francesca thoroughly enjoys working with clients, with the goal to provide the best customer experience possible. Away from Substance, Francesca enjoys an active lifestyle. With a strong passion for running, she regularly takes part in marathons and endurance sports as well as lots of socialising with friends and family.

Why Francesca works for Substance

“My role at Substance offers me the opportunity to work closely with clients and the community, enabling me to be a part of a team that creates impactful change.”

Alasdair McCaig
Alasdair McCaigHead of Technology

In 1999 he headed up the Y2K project and in 2001 was a key member of the team that was responsible for the implementation of the infrastructure for the .coop TLD. His experience extends across a range of other industries to include Social Research Vehicle Tracking, Multimedia and Social Networks.

Before joining Substance, Alasdair developed monitoring software and MIS solutions for national organisations including that used by the School of Sound and Recording that is being used worldwide. At Substance, he developed SPRS, which later became known as VIEWS, and also performed the role of Chief Architect on the ‘Plings’ project. He is currently leading on numerous research-driven technology projects for clients of Substance and continues to deliver Views API integrations.

Why Al works for Substance?

“I got involved with Substance as I felt it’s a company that makes a difference. I get to tinker and play with the things I love, while working with honest, intelligent and hardworking people. Substance is like a family.

Outside of work, when I’m not tinkering with computers, you can find me climbing or on my bike. Unlike most others in the company, I lack the avid interest in football!”.

Peter Bain
Peter BainTechnical Lead

Graduating from university with a 1st Class Honours in Computer Science, Peter took on a permanent position at Substance working firstly on SPRS and then later, its transition to VIEWS. Peter continues to develop and maintain VIEWS, implementing numerous key aspects as the system advances. In addition to this work, Peter is involved in multiple research-focused technology projects. He has created websites for Sea Angling, used to collect information from thousands of members and is responsible for the seamless design and delivery of Inspiring Impact’s member’s portal. Most recently, Peter was involved in a research project commissioned by CEFAS where he successfully took on the pivotal task of developing their survey data collection tool. Peter is now the senior technical developer and owing to his wealth of experience and knowledge, is heavily involved in the planning and development of a new Views tool.

Why Peter works at Substance?

“After completing my placement year, I stayed to work at Substance whilst I was still at university. I wanted to gain even more experience and also, I just really enjoyed working there. I got to know my colleagues well and liked that I could work alongside people with the same interests. Working on projects and software that have positive benefits on social matters is really satisfying. I enjoy a constant challenge and learning new things, both of which I’m able to do here.”.

Scott Egerton
Scott EgertonWeb Developer

He then went on to develop VOIP applications and CRM systems used by companies to improve and enhance their customer interactions. In 2013, Scott joined a multi-million pound online eCommerce company, establishing himself in their technical distribution team. He was involved here in liaising with couriers across Europe and ensuring all logistics were properly planned. As well as this, Scott was responsible for the development and maintenance of both customer-facing and back-end technical systems to manage product delivery. 2015 is when Scott joined Substance. Since becoming a technical developer, he has been involved in a broad range of projects and has extensive knowledge across the entire LAMP environment. His skills in dealing with complex statistics enhance his experience in this area. Outside work, Scott is a keen traveller with plans to travel as much of the world as possible – scaling Mount Vesuvius is already on the itinerary. He is also a dedicated animal fan and has rescued and re homed two cats.

Why Scott works at Substance?

“I moved back to Manchester city centre and wanted to work for a growing company which would really extend my skills as a developer. When the role at Substance came along, I knew it would be the perfect fit and it hasn’t let me down. My job lets me be creative and I’m consistently challenged, which I love. In my spare time enjoy the benefits of my unlimited cinema card. It lets me not only watch the films but also listen to their soundtracks and scores which I love to do. I also make full use of my Burnley FC season ticket!”.

Ahmad Bosswait
Ahmad BosswaitWeb Developer

2017 saw Ahmad move to England, completing his computer courses at university of Cardiff. From there, he worked for several organisation in the tech sector before finally settling at Substance in 2019. Now, Ahmad is an integral part of the technical team here at Substance, developing systems such as the Views, Sport England data portals and the CEFAS Sea Angling Diary webtool.

In his spare time, Ahmad enjoys reading poetry, novels and surfing the Internet. He also likes to be up to date with the current political climate and economic development across the world.

Why Ahmad works at Substance?

“At the very young age I was beginning my journey as a software programmer. I was creating games using Visual Basic, I used my creativity to invent and explore new ways of developing computer algorithms. After graduating from college continued my professional development as a Computer Programmer. One of my favourite and most enjoyable projects to this point was the development of an Android Application for a cultural project in my city.

Working with passionate, friendly and hard-working colleagues makes me really enjoy working here. Also, having different types of projects to work on make the tech stack is really challenging and fun at the same time. After many roles, my tech development role here at Substance is my favourite”.

Mihai Ciobanu
Mihai CiobanuWeb Developer

One of his most notable achievements was leading a small team to develop an e-commerce builder for creating and managing different types of applications.

Away from work Mihai likes to spend time away from his computer or phone, cycling or driving.

Why Mihai works at Substance?

“The friendly team are always ready to help and support me. Every morning brings me new challenges and new reasons to continue coding. The multitudes of projects keep my brain continuously active, so Substance is the perfect place for me to continue to further my career”.

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