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Substance Joins the House of Sport


Today, we are honoured to announce that Substance has become an associate member of London Sport’s House of Sport!

Officially opened in September 2017, the House of Sport seeks to create a dynamic working environment in which physical activity and sport organisations can come together as one community. Leading to the development of naturally forming partnerships and coalitions which use sport to drive transformation for London and the UK.

In a quote taken from, Kate Hoey MP, Chair, London Sport said:

“This new venture will have a real impact on saving money and reducing wasteful bureaucracy for the numerous organisations that make up our sector in London. I believe firmly that we should be seizing opportunities to enable help more funding to reach the people who need it most – the volunteers and participants in sport – and this project will ensure that less money is spent in securing support services for the sector, and more reaches the grassroots of physical activity and sport.”

We look forward to taking advantage of a new London base and working in collaboration with our fellow residents to make a real difference in communities across the United Kingdom.