On the 27th of February Substance, LGBT foundation and GM Moving hosted a research webinar to launch the new report “staying alive – LGBTQ+ older adults experiences of physical activity in Greater Manchester”. With February marking LGBTQ+ history month, it felt the right time to host a webinar focused on LGBTQ+ experiences in Greater Manchester.
Many LGBTQ+ older people take part in regular physical activity, however as a group they remain an under-heard, often invisible, and lesser thought-about part of our active communities. In partnership with LGBT foundation and members of the older LGBTQ+ community in Greater Manchester, Substance Researcher Charlie, explored the structural barriers, and everyday experiences of older LGBTQ+ people in GM physical activity and sport facilities. This webinar was a chance to reflect on and share thoughts on the findings, and the thoughts for next steps to improve older LGBTQ+ people’s participation in sport and physical activity.

To read the full report, click below

Older LGBTQ+ engagement in PA analysis report

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