We are a research and technology company that helps organisations that do good, think smarter.

Who We Are

We work across different sectors and with many types of organisation – charities, social businesses and government.

Our core team is made up of highly-experienced social researchers, technologists and programme managers, each with their own specialisms. What we share is an ambition to make organisations that do good have a greater impact.

What we do

We help organisations that do good, think smarter.

We use research and technology to give organisations the knowledge and insight they need to do what they do, better.

Our Values

Be Useful

We do what we do because we want every organisation we work with to be as effective as possible. We make sure that the technology products we create and the research insights we deliver have a practical application and provide a genuinely useful roadmap for organisations to understand and improve what they do.

Be Human

Data and technology are only ever one part of the story. It’s the people behind it that really matter. We take an individual approach to every project, working on the ground to understand each organisation and the people involved in it. Our technology products and research insights come from and make a difference in the world in which our clients work.

Be Inclusive

We want as many organisations as possible to access the benefits of better data and better insights. We create technology products that are simple to use and to train others in their use. We produce reports that are straightforward to understand and interpret. We work with other organisations to increase awareness and understanding of data and research and of their role in raising the game of the sector.

Be Interesting

Data and research can be the greatest asset an organisation has. We want to make the process of managing, understanding, and using data and research insights an interesting and rewarding experience for everyone. This means making our technology products and our reports interesting and engaging to use, and being interesting and engaging people to work with.

Meet The Team

Dr Kath Edgar

Senior Researcher View

Andy Christian

Views Manager View

Dr Tim Crabbe

Chief Executive View

Scott Egerton

Developer View

Peter Bain

Senior Developer View

Bobby Twemlow

Finance Manager View

Alasdair McCaig

Head of Technology View

Dr Adam Brown

Head of Research View

Dr Gavin Mellor

Director and Head of Data & Consultancy View

Aidan Hughes

Non Executive Director View

Lauren Ford

Head of Operations View

Matthew Croston

Customer and Tech Support Executive View

Brigid Bell

Researcher View

Ahmad Bosswait

Developer View

Samantha Hook

Researcher View

Mihai Ciobanu

Developer View

Natalie Irving

Finance Executive View

Sangita Patel

Programme Manager View

Rebecca Mills

Research Technical Administrator View

Matt Baird

Performance and Insight Manager View

Joe Williams

Researcher View

Luke Bullock

Senior Account Manager View

Johannes Langer

Research Analyst View

Charlie Grosset

Researcher View

Charlie Turton

Views Support Administrator View

Francesca Ayrey

Views Sales Coordinator View