Substance were commissioned by Lionel Road Development Ltd to provide some further information about the value and distribution of the community benefits that are currently delivered by Brentford FC Community Sports Trust and the Griffin Park Learning Zone.

The work follows the production of Community Impact Report researched and by Substance in April and May 2013.

  • This report outlines: An estimation of the value of the work undertaken by Brentford Community Sports Trust (BFCCST) and Griffin Park Learning Zone (GPLZ) in 2012-13
  • An estimation of the future value of work undertaken by BFCCST and GPLZ based on estimated increase in participants and outcomes identified in the first report
  • Digital mapping of venues and organisations currently engaged by BFCCST and GPLZ
File Type: pdf
Tags: Community Engagement, Football
Author: Dr. Adam Brown, Dr. Tim Crabbe