In this report, Dr Adam Brown examines Supporters Direct’s belief that a Community Owned Sports Club scheme will both enhance and reward the benefits that clubs which are community owned deliver and incentivise  more clubs to become community owned an identifies these ten key benefits of the scheme:

  •  It will increase financial sustainability and transparency in sport through community ownership
  •  It will improve governance in sport
  • It will encourage wider community participation in ownership
  • It will help deliver volunteer participation and value
  • It will encourage community engagement in sports clubs
  • It will encourage sports clubs to deliver local services and facilities
  • It will help deliver increased inward investment in areas of deprivation
  • It will develop new or protect existing community sports and non-sports facilities
  • It will help level sport’s uneven financial playing field
  • It will incentivise the expansion of community ownership by creating more wholly community owned clubs


Community Ownership in Sport
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Categories: Commissioned Report
Author: Dr. Adam Brown