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Join us on a Data Expedition


Substance is working alongside the GLA, Upshot and 360 Giving to host a Sports data expedition and we need your ideas!

What is a data expedition?

A data expedition is an event that brings together those that might hold data, policy makers and data scientists to gain insight on a chosen topic or theme. We are interested in understanding what the existing data about and from sports activity in London can reveal. A data expedition is an opportunity to highlight the potential of civil society data, share insight, and build partnerships, data skills and capacity.

This is where we need your ideas!

What would you like to find out, explore or understand about sports activity in London?

Does your organisation have a hunch about the impact of your sports activity? Would you like to understand the relationship between sports funding and participation? Or would it be useful to explore and compare the characteristics of sports activities across the 32 London Boroughs? Or do you have other questions you would like answered? No need to worry about the data aspect/feasibility of answering these questions, that’s where our expert partners and data scientists come in!

Visit our crowd-sourcing platform All Our Ideas to share your questions, vote on those already there and be part of deciding what aspect of London’s Sports Data the expedition will focus on.

Crowd-sourcing will be open throughout September, closing on the 30th of September – so keep adding ideas until then!

The Data Expedition will take place in late October and will include a variety of participants – let us know if you’d like to be involved!

For more information please email