Understanding sea angler attitudes towards management is important, so that it can be considered in the development of approaches for the management of recreational fisheries. The aim of this study was to inform the government about sea anglers’ views on the future development and management of recreational sea angling, what they value most, and their participation in data collection. This was achieved through a mixture of interviews and online surveys that consisted of: an initial consultation to obtain views and focus research questions; an online survey of sea angler attitudes towards sea angling development, management data collection and funding; and interviews to explore and ground truth attitudes expressed in the survey. Survey questions were co-designed with stakeholders and included: sea angling activity; involvement in data collection; views on fish stocks; a choice experiment to assess willingness-to-pay; funding; management; and demographic information. The online survey was widely publicised, leading to 1,527 respondents. 747 completed all questions, and 805 responded to the choice tasks. 

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Categories: Evaluation Report
Tags: Angling, CEFAS
Author: Barnaby Andrews, Brigid Bell, Dr. Adam Brown, Jo Kroese, Kieran Hyder, Vanessa Haves, Zachary Radford