Substance Scores

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Stay competitive with Scores

What is Substance Scores?

Substance Scores is a Dynamic Benchmarking Tool for the Sport for Development sector. Dynamic Benchmarking compares an organisation’s performance with that of other similar organisations; assessments are based on 20 years research experience in identifying and defining great practice.

How does it work?

The most effective Sport for Development projects are assessed so there is a detailed understanding of what works. This assessment can include whether the project is engaging the ‘right’ people, is retaining them, changing their behaviour or helping them to achieve the relevant outcomes.

What sort of projects are assessed?

Any project being delivered by a Sport for Development organisation can be assessed. This includes projects which aim to reduce inactivity, improve the health, education or employment prospects of participants or make communities safer.

How will it help with your data collection?

It will improve your data collection, as it is ultimately the data which determines the rating of each programme and the organisation’s overall score. As staff in the Sport for Development sector work together to agree on how their work should be assessed, it is more likely that individuals working on the front line will take ownership of ensuring it finds its way onto Views.

Will we have to collect more data?

Substance Scores should reduce the amount of data that your organisation collects, as it will help you focus on things that are important, rather than information which is collected but serves no real purpose.

Will it help improve the delivery of projects?

Yes. As the process encourages competition, we believe it will lead to innovation and improvement. We know that great practice exists, but not everywhere and not all the time. Innovation is critical, especially as the sector gets more crowded. We know that organisations don’t improve just by doing what everyone else does. Substance Scores celebrates innovative practice, particularly when it leads to better outcomes.

How are the scores reported?

All the projects that are being delivered are placed in one of four bands, and rated as either being Great, Good, Okay or Poor. When the scores for each of the projects are added together a similar score for the organisation is generated.

Having access to this information will help you direct attention and resources to those things that aren’t working; either improving them so they reach an acceptable threshold or stopping them. It will also mean that the organisation can celebrate success, confident in the knowledge that it is best practice across the Sport for Development sector.

Who has access to this information?

We know that organisations are often reluctant to share information about their work, but still interested in comparing performance with other similar organisations. Substance Scores will compare your organisations performance with best practice, without making it available to others. Of course, you can make it available to staff, trustees and even stakeholders if you wish.

How do we find out more?

Contact Substance on 0161 2445418, email, or why not watch our demo of Substance Scores here.

Sign up to the Scores Benchmarking process which involves:

  • An assessment of your current projects.
  • Workshops with front line and management staff agreeing the measures for these and new projects.
  • Configuration of Substance Scores in your Views account; making it available to staff in your organisation?