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Exec Summary Year 3 Curiosity Programme Report

During Children’s Mental Health week (5th – 11th Feb), we’d like to highlight our Research Team’s comprehensive review of the BBC Children in Need’s Curiosity Programme, conducted over a three-year period using a mixed-method and youth focused approach to data gathering.

This STEM programme used informal science learning and youth work to positively impact upon the young people’s lives and open up science to underrepresented groups, in fun and engaging ways. The study showed particularly high levels of positive achievements and statistically significant change around the young people’s ‘emotional wellness’, ‘strong-self-belief’ and ‘positive empowerment’.

Ultimately the research team were able to demonstrate the link between providing alternative safe spaces aimed at developing creative, curious and inquisitive minds and a sense of happiness, belonging and inspiration. The notion of science’s acceptance of ‘failure’ as being a crucial element to learning and discovery along with its practical application in the world around us were contributing factors to improved wellbeing.

A Fantastic collaboration from all parties involved!

For full BBC report & feature film, follow the below link

BBC Curiosity report and feature film

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