Published On: 20 September 2023Last Updated: 21 November 2023Categories:

Byw’n Lach

Following on from a successful implementation of initial impact reporting and valuing for Byw’n lach (an organisation who operate 11 leisure facilities and offer a range of sports, health and fitness services on behalf of Gwynedd council), findings have been well received by the likes of the Welsh Sports Association, the chair of CLOW (Chief Leisure Officers Wales) as well as internally throughout Byw’n lach.

Due to the wider nature of activities covered across the leisure centres, Substance adapted various aspects of our typical SROI approach to cater for a wider range of participants, utilised facilities, economic considerations and organisational partnerships. Byw’n lach and Substance have agreed to extend their relationship with the chain of leisure centres now entering into a crucial consultation phase to ensure the employment of the highest levels of data accuracy and relevant measures, ahead of a new round of reporting in 2024.

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