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Since 2017 Substance has worked alongside UEFA to develop a comprehensive, rigorous football specific SROI model to establish the impact that mass participation in football has across a spectrum of economic, health and social outcomes.

Supported by an Advisory Panel of academics from an evolving range of European Universities alongside football industry and non-governmental organisation experts, a proof of concept was developed and tested with two national associations, Sweden and Romania.

It was critical for UEFA to develop a model that could be applied to all its members and the initial results more than satisfied expectations, with the President of the Swedish Football Association and UEFA’s First Vice President Karl-Erik Nilsson stating that: “Despite taking a very conservative approach, in the economic, social and health aspects of the model, the monetary value of mass participation in football was staggering.”

The UEFA SROI model has since been applied to over 40 national associations and, following a systematic review by an independent panel of academics, is moving into a third phase of development supported by a digital technical explainer and hosted data warehouse and reporting features.

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