Substance has delivered bespoke social impact and valuing exercises for a range of sport and sport for development organisations in relation to different business needs.

We have worked with commercial sports entities and sport for development charities, foundations and other non-profit organisations to help them tell their impact story, secure planning permissions, gain new investment, and facilitate partnerships in health, education, government and commercial sectors.

This includes our ongoing work with Liverpool Football Club Foundation (LFCF) and the Brentford Football Club Community Sports Trust (BFCCST).

Independent Sport for Development Charities and Foundations



Social and economic impact

  • Substance began working with the LFC Foundation in 2020 to help the organisation represent its impact and value

  • As well as delivering an initial valuation of the Foundation’s work we supported them to build capacity and impact practice

  • Deliver sustainable and long-term change for communities in areas of high need and deprivation across the Liverpool City Region (LCR), the Liverpool FC Foundation began working with Substance in 2020

  • This has resulted in the ability to value more aspects of the Foundation’s work, increasing the valuation from £23.41 million in 2021 to £88.75m in the 2022/23 season

“After repeating the valuing exercise in 2017 we were able to demonstrate an increase of 38% in the value of annual social cost savings to £13.77m.”
Brentford FC

Brentford FC and the club’s Community Sports Trust

In 2013, Brentford FC and the club’s Community Sports Trust engaged Substance to deliver on an ambitious exercise to value the social cost savings that could be attributed to the range of projects and programmes they were delivering. Making use of methods pioneered in the development of the Sportworks model, we were able to report that the minimum value of annual cost savings to the public purse attributable to the Trust’s work was £8.5 million. These findings were used as part of the club’s application for planning permission for a new community stadium. Permission was granted along with a s106 requirement that the value of the Trust’s work would increase over time, following movement into the new stadium.

Social Impact and Value Case Studies

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