Substance is increasingly working with leisure and wider cultural and wellbeing facility providers to help them demonstrate the wider value of their provision.

Our work in this area includes a wider appreciation of both the direct economic impact of these entities as well as the indirect social and health benefits they can generate.

Leisure service providers



Social and economic impact

  • Our work across the UK Leisure and Wellbeing sector continues to gain traction. Stemming from our close alignment with GM Moving and a series of social valuing projects in North Wales and the north of England, our impact measurement and valuing expertise has enabled both public and private organisations to show the true impact that their facilities, projects and programmes have within their local communities and further afield.

  • The results generated from these assessments can act as a catalyst for positive change, with success stories relating to securing continued and new investment, changing of perceptions around the industry associated with the ‘pivot to wellbeing’ and enhancing influence and impact with relevant stakeholders.

Social Impact and Value Case Studies

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